Saturday - December 9th 


Tier 1: Skill Levels 2-3 (8-Ball) & 1-3 (9-Ball) 
Tier 2: Skill Levels 4-5 (Both 8-Ball & 9-Ball)
  Tier 3: Skill Levels 6-7 (8-Ball) & 6-9 (9-Ball)

Doors open at noon, play begins at 1pm 

To play in this CASH tournament, you must be in the top 3 or top 5 of your tier (depending on division size) on the MVP (Top Gun) List at the end of the session.  MVP (Top Gun) standings are based on percentage of available points per match.  Also, you must be active on a team in the format qualified and be current on all dues and fees.  If your division has 8+ teams, you must make the top 5. If your division has 7 or fewer teams, you must make the top 3. Click the link, then scroll to find your division. 


$20 Entry Fee (plus $5 table/location fee)

100% Payback of Entry Fees!


Dalton Billiard Club

3013 E. Walnut Ave.

Dalton, GA 30721

8-Ball and 9-Ball Combined
Lag Winner Chooses Format or Break
Modified Single Elimination
U.S. Amateur Format: 
Tier 1: Race to 4 games (2 racks of 8-Ball, 5 racks of 9-Ball)
Tier 2: Race to 5 games (3 racks of 8-Ball, 6 racks of 9-Ball)
Tier 3: Race to 7 games (5 racks of 8-Ball, 8 racks of 9-Ball) 
Click links for Summer Session 2017 MVP (Top Gun) Standings: