Annual MVP Holiday Tournament

December 7th, 2019


Tier 1: Skill Levels 2-3 (8-Ball) & 1-3 (9-Ball) 
Tier 2: Skill Levels 4-5 (Both 8-Ball & 9-Ball)
  Tier 3: Skill Levels 6-7 (8-Ball) & 6-9 (9-Ball)

Doors open at 10 AM, play begins at 11pm 

To play in this CASH tournament, you must be in the top 3 or top 5 of your tier (depending on division size) on the MVP List at the end of a session.  MVP standings are based on percentage of available points per match.  Also, you must be active on a team in the format qualified and be current on all dues and fees.  If your division has 8+ teams, you must make the top 5. If your division has 7 or fewer teams, you must make the top 3. Click the link, then scroll to find your division. 


$25 Entry Fee

100% Payback of Entry Fees!


8-Ball and 9-Ball Combined
Lag Winner Chooses Format or Break
Modified Single Elimination
U.S. Amateur Format: 
Tier 1: Race to 4 games (2 racks of 8-Ball, 5 racks of 9-Ball)
Tier 2: Race to 5 games (3 racks of 8-Ball, 6 racks of 9-Ball)
Tier 3: Race to 7 games (5 racks of 8-Ball, 8 racks of 9-Ball) 
Click link for the division you play in for the 2019 MVP Standings: *coming soon!