Format: Single player matches. 9-Ball Equalizer Handicap System used to ensure any player can win of any skill level. Players will be competing for qualification to the APA National Juniors Championships in Davenport, Iowa.
Where: Dalton Billiard Club - 3013 E.Walnut Ave, Dalton GA. There will be a cover charge of $5 for players and $3 for non-players. This cover charge will go into the overall contribution to the Youth Fund. Assistance with travel to the National Junior Championships, along with each Saturday we meet we will be offering hot dogs, pizzas, etc. to provide lunch for the kids and adults in attendance. 
When: This format will be played on the first Saturday of each month and two matches will be played each time we meet. Doors open at 11:00AM and play will begin at 1:00pm. There will be an instructional period along with general practice prior to league play.
Fee: $10 Annual APA Membership. $6 Per match League Fee.