The APA Ladies 8-Ball Championship
Start Date - February 19th
Start Time: 1:00pm
Where: Stars & Strikes - 133 Merchants Sq - Cumming, GA


- Maximum of 5 players allowed on roster, 3 players play in the match.
- The total of the skill levels of the 3 players participating in any team match may not exceed 13.
- Standard coaching rules apply.
- 8-Ball Format - using the games must win chart. 3-point scoring system.
- Full team forfeits and Byes receive 5 points.
- Individual forfeits receive 2 points in the regular session and 3 points in Playoffs.
- This division will qualify a team to the APA Ladies 8-Ball Championships in Las Vegas THIS AUGUST!!
- Play will be once a month, the 3rd Sunday of each month, 2 matches will be played each time.
- Team fees will be $30 per team per match.